Monday, June 23, 2008

Short Location Update

I'm currently on a mooring in the Trade wind anchorage in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Arrived here this morning after a six day sail from Tikopia in the Santa Cruz Islands, Eastern Solomons.

I visited a total of five islands in Vanuatu - Tanna, Efate, Ambrym, Santo and Vanua Lava. As soon as I get normal internet I'll upload a clip or two or at least a few pics of some of these places. The truth is that after visiting the island of Tikopia, most everywhere else pales in comparison. In fact a lot of the trip now just seems like work to have gotten to a place like Tikopia. Not many places have really done it... Arriving in the bay of virgins, Marquesas gave me a little. So did the view of Tafahi from Niuatoputapu. Also, hanging out with Edward in Palmerston, Cook Islands gave me at least for a moment the feeling of truly being in the South Pacific. Tikopia was right up there with them. With only three or four cruising boats a year it is still off the map. They have received much attention recently with all sorts of TV production crews coming in to broadcast what remains of an authentic Polynesian culture. There is still enough left that I did suffer from a bout of culture shock and during the first two days of my stay, I could not find my cynicism. It came back but slow enough that I could still marvel at all that was interesting on the island. I'll work on getting a few clips up or at least a few photos but the internet is really slow here in Honiara...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Found these islands, but where is the picture of Tafahi from Niuatoputapu that gave you that "little"?