Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Junk Anchorage, Penang

I had to switch clans. I'm now using the Lim Jetty. Some jerk over at the Chew Jetty cut my dinghy's stern anchor line. Spring tides are in a few days so I'll go through the mud looking for it.

On the way to the Lim Jetty I pass this sailboat (photo). Locally owned daysailer? Maybe a foreigner who flew out and bought something small to cruise just this area? It turns out that "Fidji," a 27ft Dufour, has been continuously cruised by a French Singlehandler since 1986. The skipper had me over for coffee this morning and I was regaled with tales of criss crossing the Indian Ocean countless times, a dismasting off the coast of Columbia, pre GPS challenges... Geez, I thought I was earning a few stripes hitting the two year mark. How about twenty two? If you look at the photo you can see how minimalist a set up the boat is. Atom windvane, stock non self tailing winches. Rope rode, no windlass, few electronics. In comparison, I felt like the weekend warrior with all the expensive accessories... I know I've made other yachties feel that way so I guess everyone gets their turn. I did come away from the visit knowning that you can only get there by actually spending another twenty of your years. There ain't no way to cheat.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chew Jetty, Georgetown, Penang Island

I have to walk the length of this jetty everytime I come to land. It definitely sets the tone.