Monday, September 21, 2009

Mozambique bound

Back in Nosy Be. Mayotte was pretty bland. I should leave Madagascar for good at the end of this week for Mozambique. I will stay north and head for the fabled port of the Island of Mozambique. No excitement for the channel until I get to about Bazaruto. From there south the gauntlet begins but I am playing it right by having waited till at least October maybe even November before getting too far south. I have already begun participating in the Peri Peri net which is 8101 at 0500 zulu and again at 1500 zulu.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mayotte bound

I checked out of Madagascar yesterday. Should leave Nosy Be early next week. Probably will stay in Mayotte for a day or so. Most likely no internet update from Mayotte because internet along with everything else is so high priced. I am thinking of heading towards Southern Madagascar. Maybe Morondava, Morombe or Toliara. Probably stay on the SW coast until late October before jumping off towards the Mozambique/South Africa border area.