Thursday, November 19, 2009

Imfolozi game park

Videos like this tend to dilute the theme of this blog but what the heck... Game parks with other cruisers is the main activity here in the Tuzi Gazi International jetty and marina.

I should post clips of the front that swept through the harbor earlier today. We had 35 to 40 knots out of the SE...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Richard's Bay, Republic of South Africa

I made it in late last night. About five hours before the wind shifted. Talk about close timing. If I didn't motor the calms or delayed the Maputo departure due to tide I would have been nailed. Nothing catastrophic but it would have been absolutely unpleasant and I would still be out there... The current out front was 3.3 knots and the wind reversed against it this morning at about 20-25 this morning. I had 20-25 with the current all of last night which was what the window predicated which made for an average speed of over 8 knots. Talk about flying.

Great reception in Richard's Bay seeing all the boats I have now bumped into along the way over the past three years... I am seeing people form 2007 that I met in the South Pacific. It was a strange and somewhat of a revelation to realize how these other boats, places and people are such a part of me. I guess it is how danger and adversity make the community tighter. The scene at the International Jetty is about as world cruising as it gets.

Richard's Bay is not that ideal a setup. No easy internet, nothing within walking distance. The cruisers just hang out in their own community. I will be here at least a couple of weeks and will try to figure things out...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Might leave today

Strong NE winds tonight and all day tomorrow. The key is Friday which does not look dangerous but not completely favorable.

If this post does not change it means I left.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Got into Maputo today. Check out that gale infront of Richard's Bay tomorrow. I was getting my butt pushed with high twenties last night listening to everyone freaking out on the Peri Peri net. Boats by me that didn't want to play the "officials" roulette here in Mozambique and were desperately trying to make Richards before the gale were asking Roy, the net controller, how wide the entrance at Richard's Bay is and how a fifteen foot swell would affect the landing. Those conditions are for today and as for tomorrow, I don't think anyone would want to be in those waters... At my pace I would have made Richards early on the 9th which would have been too late.

I am now using the Port Captain's computer while he is away. Who knows what the bad news will be money wise. Once they get wind I didn't play ball in Ilha, they will start to squeeze. I already am getting hit for twenty a day at the small boat harbour. It is blowing like stink outside so no anchoring... They originally wanted fifty a day and after a bunch of theatrics on both of our parts it came down to twenty. Immigration and the Captain are next.