Friday, November 13, 2009

Richard's Bay, Republic of South Africa

I made it in late last night. About five hours before the wind shifted. Talk about close timing. If I didn't motor the calms or delayed the Maputo departure due to tide I would have been nailed. Nothing catastrophic but it would have been absolutely unpleasant and I would still be out there... The current out front was 3.3 knots and the wind reversed against it this morning at about 20-25 this morning. I had 20-25 with the current all of last night which was what the window predicated which made for an average speed of over 8 knots. Talk about flying.

Great reception in Richard's Bay seeing all the boats I have now bumped into along the way over the past three years... I am seeing people form 2007 that I met in the South Pacific. It was a strange and somewhat of a revelation to realize how these other boats, places and people are such a part of me. I guess it is how danger and adversity make the community tighter. The scene at the International Jetty is about as world cruising as it gets.

Richard's Bay is not that ideal a setup. No easy internet, nothing within walking distance. The cruisers just hang out in their own community. I will be here at least a couple of weeks and will try to figure things out...

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