Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hellville cont:

Still here and no major problems yet. This afternoon I had to quickly raise anchor and move the boat to avoid getting hit by a large rusting container ship adrift with no power in the small bay. There are more singlehandlers here than any other port I have been. Not having roller furling does not make one stand out at all. Most of these minimalist sailors are French guys about twenty years older than myself with girlfriends about twenty years younger than myself. There are "normal" tourist types here but they are starting to really stand out. I spent part of last night in the company of another one of these hard core sex tourist sailor types. In and out of local prison for not paying the prostitutes that you have a different one of every night. No condom use either. Some of these guys are going all out, just burning through their life... I did spend the earlier afternoon with some Canadians getting info about the trip down the channel. They are deliberately staying completely clued out to what is going on on the boats anchored right next to them. There are lemurs and other interesting animals to check out on nearby islands according to the Canadians, but then there are these animals right here in town.

Cell number here 0326562408