Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cape Point not Cape Agulhas

I'm in Simonstown after successfully passing below Cape Agulhas.

I'd planned on posting a short clip of "me and the Cape" but my mood changed pretty drastically after I got close to Simonstown. Turns out that the local affects on the SE wind in the Cape Point area are tremendous. I had a tough time getting in. When I finally reached the anchorage/mooring area where there were flatter seas, I couldn't even steer the boat into the wind with the engine full throttle because the gusts would just keep pushing the boat off. Moving sideways fast with the bow aimed 45 degrees off the wind trying to pick up a mooring ball or drop the anchor single handed after getting no sleep all night cause of breaking waves getting everything drenched??? This coast is getting old...

I got the anchor down. You can hear the wind in the second half of the clip.

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