Saturday, January 2, 2010

Turned the corner of Africa!

I made it from Durban to Port Elizabeth in one shot. I managed to set a new speed record on this passage, figuring that in one twenty four hour interval I did at least a hundred and seventy five miles. Just outside of East London, I had all sails down and glanced at the GPS to see that the current was moving me at 5.4 knots! Talk about terrifying. The actual sailing wasn't so bad as much as the knowledge that if a South Wester sneaks up on you, you are f****d! New Years was spent saying goodbye to the Indian and getting a small taste of what the Atlantic will be like - cold.

No main up? Lousy sheeting angle on the jib? You got a 35 foot boat but with a 24 foot waterline? The Agulhaus current will even make YOU sail at over ten knots!

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