Friday, February 12, 2010

Jumping Off!

I am leaving this morning. Look for a new post sometime in April...

Probably do a "sail by" of a few spots but no plan to stop for awhile. I will try and shoot for Trinidad which is a super long haul but who knows.

My mind is empty and all I can think about is getting around the point in the next four hours and the final slap on the butt I will get on Wednesday off Namibia (check out the weather for that one).

See y0u on the other side of the Atlantic!


Susan Hellein in said...

whoa--didn't even get to wish you well, but am still wishing you well. your readers and friends are with you!

Mark said...

You must be well on your way towards the Carribean now. Sorry we will miss you in the Med this summer. Maybe 2011? Take care. Mark, Vic and Margy

Chad said...

Hey there Captain,
I may be interested in crewing with you when you leave Brasil. I am living here in Rio and I am looking to go to Puerto Rico. I always wanted to do the trip by boat. I am from California too, used to have an Ericson 36' in the Bay. I would like to stay in Brasil until after World Cup, which is about 4 months from now. Email me when you arrive here and lets talk - souladventurer at gmailme.