Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will head to Cartagena soon

Mobile number in Panama - 60837084

I am still doing San Blas trips out of Portobelo but will have to head to Cartagena soon to do a visa run. If interested in doing the trip to Colombia via the San Blas, contact me.

If you are genuinely interested in commiting as crew on a shared expense basis, contact me through my email available through my profile. You are also welcome to CouchSurf aboard Pelican by putting a request through the CS site.

Otherwise, there is a comparatively modest charge for the short term San Blas trips or the passage over to Cartagena via the San Blas.


jason said...

hi! We're interested in sailing with you for the San Blas and/or transit to Colombia. We're not very salty, but are eager to learn and contribute. You can learn more about us here: www.bodeswell.com


Branko Segota said...

We have left you a message on your CS and your e-mail. Please consider us. tomorrow i'll give you my phone number.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonas,
Rob the Aussie who sailed with you recently recommended you and got me your number.
I will be in Panama City tomorrow to meet my friend and we´re interested in sailing with you to Cartagena if your departure fits with our plans.
There was another Aussie and his Scottish girlfriend who were interested to sail with me and my friend as well so there may be four of us.
I will call you when I get to PC and discuss it with my mate.