Sunday, November 28, 2010


I wonder if those bold statements that used to come out so easily when young and full of youthful confidence are completely forgotten by our older selves or if somehow they perhaps linger in the back of our minds to haunt and taunt us when we realize we may not have lived up to them.

I remember making many... Statements that were directly oriented towards cruising, that involved a dislike of rallies and the moneyed nature of how cruising is portrayed in slick magazines like Cruising World. ¨One´s equipment shouldn´t be better than one´s skill level! ¨ ¨Purchased experiences do not count!¨

I guess the advantage of being a bit older is that I don´t feel so individually responsible anymore, instead I now just feel sad to see things generally tilted toward one side...

Below is a photo of Robin Lee Graham who set out to sail around the world in 1965 on a 24 foot boat at the age of sixteen.

I love the details in the pic... The non self tailing winch that is so small. The narrowness of the beam at the transom. What brand of safety harness is that?

Did you know that Wild Eyes (the boat used by 16 year old Abby Sunderland to attempt to set a record as the youngest circumnavigator in 2010) was worth about 400,000 dollars?

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chai guy said...

This is a great post, sage wisdom my friend! - I'd like to sail with you if/when you come to the Rio Dulce