Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scheduled for Transit!

I now have a date to transit the canal. The scheduled slot will be on Sunday, January 2nd. The transit takes two days for Southbound yachts. It will begin in Colon on the Atlantic side on Sunday afternoon with a passage through the first set of locks to Lake Gatun. Once Lake Gatun is reached Sunday evening, the night will be spent there. Everyone stays and sleeps on the boat. The transit resumes on Monday, January 3rd early in the morning to arrive in Balboa on the Pacific side later that same day in the afternoon.

If you want to volunteer linehandle, you will have to be in Colon to meet up with the boat on Sunday, January 2nd in the morning or the night before. There will be quite a few of us onboard so it will be crowded and not the most comfortable with the sleeping arrangements but it is only for one night and it should be exciting nonetheless... I will provide all food and drinks and can reimburse your transportation costs if you are coming from Panama City.

Line handling is pretty easy. Basically you just have to follow simple instructions while the boat is in the locks...

Cell phone number in Panama 60837084

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