Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back in the Pacific!

Transiting the Gatun locks was an experience. The wind was gusting 20 knots on approach and the sun had just gone down. Being on the boat was short heated moments of yelling and throwing of lines followed by longer periods of just standing by, being ready and alert but always having the opportunity to look around and marvel. The canal, despite its importance in the world, isn't exactly modern technology. It feels old with a look that is very industrial and that definitely comes from a different time.

I enjoyed my transit and don't feel so bad for cheating. The Cape will be there for next time.

A big thanks to CouchSurfing and to those that volunteer line handled, Nate, Peter, Tania and Jeff. You guys were great!


Heath said...

Congratulations on making it. Looks like you are almost done with your journey.

TLC_Designs said...

It was an absolute pleasure to experience the Panama Canal with you, Jonas!

*Tania @ Passport2Design.com