Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mexico bound

I am off for Mexico. I will use the Papagayos to shoot out offshore, then will stay at ten degrees north until about 105 west to skirt the areas of calms off of Central America and mainland Mexico. I will also pass several hundred miles below Tehuantepec but should still get a boost as the winds are really blasting there this time of year. Landfall somewhere in Bahia Banderas, maybe even Cabo, but at least as far west as Barra de Navidad.


canamjay said...

JOnas.. hope your trip to Mexico was a mellow one; weather around here has been strange all season.. I'll be watching your blog for an updated post... smooth sailing!!!

Jay in San Jose..

Sean said...

Hey Jonas, let me know when you get to Cabo and I'll come down to visit.