Monday, April 4, 2011

Guaymas, Mexico

Straight shot from Mazatlan to Guaymas.  Took over a week...  Man, there is so little wind in Mexico.  I remember being warned about Asia but this coast is like Zen master level of patience...  The plus is that the Sea feels like a lake.  No swell at all.  Even with a five knot breeze one can sail as there is no swell to spill the wind.  I pretty much stayed in the center of the sea, tacking back and forth, always within sight of one coast or the other for most of the time.  I have already become used to Mexico which is mostly tones of brown meaning rocks and sand, but when I came into Guaymas and saw a hill covered with green, I was confounded until I realized it was all cactus!

Tomorrow I will hopefully find out when I can get hauled...

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