Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am back on the boat with all the stuff...  For those taking notes, Thrifty is the only rental car company that would allow me to take a car into Mexico with just a California driver's license and a Visa debit card.  Everyone else wanted a major credit card and/or a return airline ticket out of Arizona.  There are two check points going south for customs.  One at the border and one about ten minutes south of Nogales.  I got the green light each time so no hassles.  The general feel for driving in this area given all the media coverage about how the drug violence has made Mexico unsafe is that it is all propaganda.  I did the trip between Tucson and Guaymas three times as I had to return the rental and get back down via bus and if the number and vibe of the military inspections is any indication, there isn't a whole lot going on.  Even driving in the dark on a Friday night felt fine. 

The rate of exchange for the U.S. dollar is close to 14 pesos.  With fewer tourists and this great rate, Mexico is a deal right now.

The dry and hot climate has had an effect on the boat.  There has been some damage to the rudder as part of the original wood has dried to the extent of cracking through the fiberglass cover and separating from the shaft.  Photos and updates as I tackle this and literally dozens of other projects.   There is a friggin buttload of work!

A big thanks to everyone that made my stint in the U.S. happen.  There is no way I would have been near as successful without the support I received.  It is a nice reminder that the "single handed circumnavigation" really isn't that single handed at all...  Thanks again!

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