Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sometimes work is just work

Taking a sober assessment of exactly what needs to be done on the boat and feeling the weight of it is difficult and stressful.  The stress comes from knowing that when you take this much work on, all kinds of unknown obstacles will crop up. Non sailors ask about storms while they should be asking about removing rusted and frozen bolts you can't reach with a drill...

Part of me thought that it might be fun to blog about some of the projects I have been doing.  "It could be useful to other cruisers".  "I could share my accomplishments with friends"  "It could help with potentially selling the boat".  Take for example the Simpson Lawrence Seatiger 555 windlass.  I have completely taken it apart, regreased it, replaced the springs and put it back together.  This took more than a couple of hours.  While I did make narrated videos when taking it apart, it was so I would know how to put it back together.  The reality of this project is that there wasn't anything tricky about it.  Of course there were set backs and obstacles but they were par for the course.  The whole before, during and after photo shoot idea feels vain and unnecessary.  There isn't anything I learned from this project that I felt should be communicated to someone doing the exact same project.  In fact, most of the work on the boat is like this.  The sea eats at everything and every piece of gear has a life span.  It is just a fact of cruising and owning a boat.  How interesting is that?


Susan Hellein said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. As a virtual beginner, it still takes a nudge from something like this, for me to realise
checking the windlass needs to be added to The List. Thanks.

Maria Arigato Jack