Thursday, July 5, 2012


I paid the health fee yesterday and expressed some "concern" over the rate increase.  I figured it was a more tactful angle than being a jerk and complaining about it.  Everyone in the office admitted that the increase was a lot and that it wasn't their decision and in so many words, expressed that it wasn't a big deal because all the yachties were "millionaires."  I loved that one...  There is truth in it though.  I just wished the money was going toward something decent instead of the military that took over the country in the last coup.  This sentiment was also shared by the women in the office.

I do have a million dollar view from the entrance of the creek...

Good news is that I purchased a USB hard drive "box" ($20 U.S.) that allows me to plug in the old hard drives from the laptops destroyed by the elements during the course of this trip.  This means a lot of forthcoming flashback posts and I also owe some people some photos and clips from years back.  Great stuff.

Here is a quick scene from a church service I attended in Raivavae.  I have always had an issue with the amount of influence missionaries have had on the indigenous cultures here in the South Pacific.  I have noticed though, that there are many elements of their past traditions that they have incorporated into the modern day version.  The service I attended in Raivavae was quite special as it only happens once a year and involved groups from the other Australs.  A celebration of community, pride in their respective islands and a shared rejoicing in how they understand their relation to the cosmic.  All of this expressed through singing.  Definitely moving stuff...

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