Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tikopia landing crew

The clip is of two separate landings on the island. The first is my very first landing. I attracted a good crowd of kids. The adults hung back a little but were curious as well. The second one is about the fourth day or so, the kids are now used to me and just want to play around.

There was one other cruising boat, Kuna, already anchored when I arrived. It turned out that they had come the day before and were the first cruising boat to arrive on the island this year. The skipper was an Australian woman who had managed to land a contract to ferry two BBC journalists to Anuta. A decision was made to wait for the BBC to complete their work with Kuna at Tikopia as Anuta doesn't have an anchorage at all. Tikopia's was pretty marginal as we were to soon find out.

I signed the island's guestbook which confirmed what I had been told, that only three to four boats a year make it to the island. The last time anyone recalled a singlehandler was about 2001. With these figures, every visitor is a big event and as you walk around the island, you receive a lot of attention.

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