Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tikopia video clips

Some random clips of Tikopia with the following explanations;

First two clips are of walking to Chief #3's house with Mitchell.
Third is trading three fishing hooks for half a cabbage with John.
Fourth is Kuna rolling in our "anchorage" with gusts over thirty knots. They eventually left. You can see my dinghy behind their boat as I had lunch with them earlier but the wind got so strong I had to swim back (with flippers and snorkel of course).
Fifth is fixing the Monitor windvane on the floor of the cockpit. One of the delrin washers on the actuator shaft wasn't installed with washers on either side so it got mashed pretty thin allowing enough play that eventually the main gears no longer meshed.
Sixth is of huts by Chief #4's house.
Seventh is of a woman doing some weaving.
And the last is of myself with the ever present entourage.

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