Sunday, November 2, 2008

Malacca strait clips

I ended up spending three weeks anchored off Georgetown. I needed the break after that Darwin Singapore non stop madness. I got really lucky with the winds after hearing a few other cruiser's accounts of how flat the conditions were around the Java Sea.

I visited two anchorages in Langkawi. Kuah and the back side of Pantai Cenang. Loads of other cruisers spread around the island. At least three marinas. Langkawi felt like a "nice" place to cruise - many beautiful anchorages, decent amount of facilities, duty free alcohol. So nice it felt a little bland to me so I left.


Popeye said...

Hey Jonas,
I just stopped by to check on your progress. Your adventures are really getting cool! I do hope you stop in to Cochi. We would love to have you as our guest in our home in Trivandrum. Also, our landlord is a very rich Indian Land owner and owns houses in Kolam and Varkala so we could take a trip down the coast from Cochi and have free places to stay all the way... Please think about it and hit me back at;
Fair Winds my friend!
James/Popeye Kahn

Jonas said...


Thanks for the invite. I'll definitely take you up on it. It is just a matter of when... I am still debating whether or not to extend my trip by a year in the Indian Ocean. This means India will either be a brief stop in January of 2009 or a five month visit starting around September of 2009... Let's stay in touch.