Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tonsai Bay, Phi Phi, Thailand

This short clip gives a drastically different impression than if I were to walk around in the evening through the couple of small streets that constitute "town." Hordes of young partiers from all the world's richer countries getting tattoos, massages and seriously shitfaced. "Guys go to Phuket and girls go to Phiphi" is what I was told. No sex tourists or old white dudes with young Thai wives here. They are all over in Patong. If you are over thirty, you stand out as being old. Despite all the youth energy and huge amounts of booze, things are fairly tame. Even the one with the most outrageous image has their lonely planet and plane ticket home...



Anonymous said...

How beautiful..I am so jealous!
But one day S/V Nisus and I will be there!

Anonymous said...

Nice journal. Sure, most of these Thai Islands are by now tourist destinations, albeit catering to low-budget tourists and thereby preserving a quasi adventurous image. What's the next stop? I used to live and work in the Riau Archipelago off the Sumatran coast and it's very different there. The main port of call is Tanjung Pinang. If and when venturing into these waters, better be careful though since some of the areas were (are?) designated as military zones and some independent sailors got into trouble with the Indonesian Navy. I suppose the same would apply to the Vietnamese Islands. Cheers, Out to Lunch