Sunday, November 2, 2008

South Pacific Flashback

Now that I've been in Asia for a bit, I am seeing the South Pacific in a whole new light. The island I am currently on, PhiPhi, is like a disneyland for twentysomething backpackers. I've never seen anything to this extreme. Apparently there is a movie about this place called "The Beach." I saw it playing in one of the bars here. Odd to see the bar full of people watching a movie about the place they currently were... I could go on for a while about how backpackers are just another form of packaged tourism. This is happening to the yachtie scene as well in the form of rallies... When thoughts like these get me down, I flip through photos I took of the nicer spots in the South Pacific. The video below is usually the accompanying soundtrack...

The clip is of Sola in the Bank islands in Vanuatu. It is of a restaurant that turned into a music rehersal.

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Sounds like a hymn