Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leaving Galle

I should be out of here tomorrow or the next day. I got yelled at today for diving on the bottom. They don't permit diving in the harbor. Of course I continued to clean the bottom until they sent out a couple more boats to harass me.

The winds don't look good for a stop at Gan in the southern Maldives. I will actually be sailing back towards Indonesia for the first bit to get to the SE trades in the Southern Hemisphere. Chagos will be skipped as I'm not willing to fork over the 100 pounds for a permit. Madagascar is the destination.

This will be a long one. Maybe even a month.


Robin B said...

Best of luck, Jonas! I'll be thinking about ya.

Mark said...

Sorry to hear about all the hassle. Its a shame because so many people have said such good things about Sri lanka in the past. War and your need to get something done that involved pencil pushers has obiously taken its toll! Best of luck with your passage to The Maldives and Madagascar. Best Wishes, Mark, Vic and Margy

Anonymous said...

fair winds hope you enjoy your passage Rod

susanh said...

been about a month now. where are ye, kid?