Friday, April 17, 2009

Galle Sagas...

Here are a few clips of the neighborhood right outside the entrance to the harbor where Pelican is moored. I've endured this neighborhood for over a month now and can't wait to leave.

Sri Lanka has been a real low point. I've met other yachts that couldn't stand this place so much, they have taken on strong headwinds and adverse currents instead of waiting around for a change in weather. It is a combination of things that make this place such a disappointment. The theater of war which is everywhere, the "begging" side of the culture, the over the top amount of bureacracy. The list is long and right now I would love to vent but that would be giving in too much... Trying to get some cooperation in having Pelican repaired has exposed me to a lot of "culture." I've dealt with dozens of officials, metal workers, carpenters, retailers, importers, etc.. The amount of my time and energy they have used up could have fixed dozens of boats. A couple more hurdles and hopefully I am out.


Lee Ann said...

Damn bo, you sure you aren't in the Florida Keys?? LOL

Anonymous said...

hey jonas, did u find KP there?? hahahha i love the "wha do yah want? wanna get on TV??" hahahahaha

Jon I.
GCS Family