Friday, April 3, 2009

Therapuththabaya versus Pelican

How does it feel to watch a 100 ton harbor tug lose control and come whipping towards you on a collision course? Not very good. Especially when you are moored fore and aft with no mobility and had about twenty seconds of advance notice before impact (Notice consisted of hearing a lot of yelling you don't understand and the sound of an engine revving way too high for the tight quarters of the harbor.)

Putting out another fender won't do much when the boat is that big and the skipper has the throttle wide open...

Luckily the damage is repairable and Pelican can continue her voyage. Therapuththabaya was almost headed in the same direction Pelican was facing so the only contact was the tug's starboard quarter on Pelican's port beam. Damage was mostly to toe rail and genoa track through bolted through the rail. The solar panel mounted on the port side had its glass shattered and three stanchions bent including their bases. Chain plates and associated rigging hardware were all well forward of the point of impact.


Lee Ann said...

WOW! Is the tug company going to pay for the damage???
Glad you weren't hurt!

Karen said...

Aack, what an awful feeling, watching the impending collision.