Friday, October 23, 2009

Headed South

I will take the plunge and head South tomorrow.

There are really only five spots to duck into on the way down. 17 S - Perlas Islands, 18 S -Quelimane, 21.5 S - Bazaruto, 24 S - Inhambane, and 26 S- Inhaca. We will see how far I can make it with this upcoming window. The goal is Bazaruto. If the weather stays, I keep moving. Inhambane to Richard´s Bay is the critical zone. Weather for the coast can be obtained here.

Three boats have lost their engine use in the past week on this passage. One from a lost propeller caused by colliding with a whale!

If there isn´t a post within a month, contact Roy at the Royal Natal Yacht Club as he runs the Peri Peri Net.


Lee Ann said...

God Speed. You will be in thoughts and prayers. Be safe.

susanh said...

anyone else using a good interactive map to track the weather where jonas will be sailing? in addition to his, i use

anyone wanna share?