Friday, December 24, 2010

Funds deposited but ACP closed till Monday...

I just left the bank where I handed over $1500 in cash (the only accepted payment method)... I was told that the ACP office is closed today so I will be contacted Monday. Hopefully, on Monday, I can talk to a scheduler and get locked in for a date to transit. Right now it is the slow season so it should only be a 3 or 5 day wait.

Line handlers are still needed. Come volunteer to help get Pelican through the locks and see the canal from a boat actually transiting! Transportation to and from Panama City as well as food will be provided. Phone number in Panama 60837084

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jonas,

We are friends of Luke, who you took on a Panama to Colombia crossing back in September with some inappropriate drunk Australians.

We are keen sailors and know a lot about everything. We will bring food with us on any voyage, but only West African style rice because it is the best.

We do have a few concerns though:

a) We hear your GPS unit may be positioned in a spot where it gets in the way of the boom. Can you please confirm.

b) Are there are a lot of submerged containers out in the ocean?

c) Do you have a place to store notepads as we dont want to lose one overboard

d) Can you please confirm there will be noone dominating in the v-birth whilst we try to sleep.

Finally, I hope its okay if we bring some music along. We've just picked up the entire back catalogue of the Steve Miller Band, which we'd like to listen to most of the time.


Humphrey B Pilkington-Smith