Thursday, December 23, 2010

Next step is to pay the bank...

Pelican passed the initial inspection to transit the Panama Canal. The inspector had to call his supervisor to find out whether or not a tiller as a steering device met regulation... He had never seen one before. Many questions were asked about the boat and its equipment. One questiion was whether or not there was drinking water aboard!

I will head to Colon tomorrow to pay the canal fee if the bank is open. $1500 with a bit over half being a deposit.

LINEHANDLERS are needed! If you are in Panama and can volunteer, call me at 60837084! Tentative date to cross is the week of December 27 to 31. More updates will be posted here on my blog.


Silvercreek said...

Why do then need to measure your boat? It's not like there is a chance it would not fit. And what are your plans upon passing through the canal....heading home?
Dan in South Carolina

Silvercreek said...

Sounds like a lot of needless bureaucracy down there. Why do they need to measure a 35-foot boat when they have 1000-foot tankers going through? What are your plans after going through the canal...heading home?
Dan from South Carolina