Monday, December 20, 2010

Visited the Ad Measurement unit today...

Back in Portobelo, again!!! I am going to go crazy if I donot leave this part of the world...

The very first step in getting through the Panama canal is to get the boat measured and inspected. Today I visited the office in Colon where they set the appointments to have this done. I was told that the boat must be in the flats (anchorage) or in Shelter Bay Marina.

The plan is to move the boat tomorrow and be measured the day after. Hopefully I will pass inspection without a hitch... The canal is a challenge because unlike all other passages, this one I absolutely have to depend on other people to make it happen! That is a true challenge as proven this morning by just trying to find the ACP office. Actually everyone I asked (taxi drivers, security guards, guy washing a car on the street) were really helpful and seemed eager to be involved.

If you want to volunteer as a line handler ( a great way to see the Panama canal), contact me via email through my profile or call me at 60837084

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