Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not out cruising... (or) What if Van Gogh had access to Photoshop?

I think sharing some of those Tikopia images was about the end of what I have to offer this blog.  I will resume when I get back down to the boat in Mexico, but for now, although there is plenty of non cruising material to blog about, I rather take a break.  Kind of my own private rebellion from seeing how the bay area has turned into such a technocracy...  Witnessing the obsession with all the mobile products makes me think of the line about "preposterous gadgetry" again...  They even took the word, "cloud" away! 

I recently saw someone with an outlandish mohawk and they also happened to be wearing one of those laminated employee ID cards around their neck.  When did sitting for hours on end in front of a computer screen at a video game company equate with any edge?  What amazed me the most is not how the mainstream coopts everything interesting the marginalized create or how icons evolve and have their meanings change but how this person did not have any fear or even the idea that "authentic" punks might beat the living crap out of him for being a nerdy poseur...  The other thing I noticed is that there aren't punks in SF anymore, authentic or not. 

I am really glad I was out cruising before offshore internet access became standard.  No internal debate and no facing the realization that you haven't really left at all... 

Three months back in the bay area and I already sound like a ranting Luddite.  Is it too soon to dream of going cruising again?

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