Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guess the price?

There are some advantages in doing a refit in Mexico.  One is the affordable and easy access to machine shops.  It feels like every neighborhood has one and they really feel like part of the neighborhood.  I imagine part of the reason is that no one throws things away when they break.  This past summer while in the San Francisco bay area, I paid a visit to the TechShop which is neat in concept but what if I have a really small and simple project?  Down here, it isn't a big deal to drop in with an old back stay chain plate, help them hunt around through their 1/4" thick stock of stainless for a piece a foot and a half long and several inches wide and have an identical one made on the spot.  The metal is similarly priced to what you would find online, but to have it cut, bent and the holes drilled is really low compared to other places (New Zealand, U.S.A.) I have had machine shop work done for the boat.  I even regret having purchased a few small parts for the Monitor windvane, including small washers, as the savings would have been considerable to have them made here. 

There is a norther coming this week and I might use it to test out the boat.  Some sailing sounds pretty good!

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