Sunday, March 4, 2012

In San Blas

It was a nice ride down from Guaymas in mostly 20 knot conditions.  It still took five days as it fizzled out south of Mazatlan.  Few glitches with the boat but nothing major.

Lot of people consider the affordability of GPS to have ruined cruising.  Anyone can now go!  No more challenge, etc..  After this last  passage I know that when they find a way to completely remove seasickness, then, anyone can really go.  That awful feeling is just the worst.  I can imagine how many people who see a small boat as about the worst place to be.  The thing is you get over it but most never make it.  It took me two days and now I am fine.

I arrived to hear Norm Goldie tell another newly arrived boat on the VHF not to leave the vessel unattended.  This is new.  Sounds like a boat was boarded early in the season.  If it is really that bad, I might have to find another spot to hole up for a bit unless I still decided to go towards Australia.

It really is one of two choices now - sail to Australia and sell the boat for whatever I get or sail back to California via Hawaii.  The latter is the more sensible and is the conservative choice.  I would have a place to stay when I get back, I would still have all my tools, etc..  It would cost less and I could re enter with a bit more money. The journey would also be genuinely complete.  Selling the boat in Australia is a great excuse for seeing the South Pacific again.  When is the next time I will have a boat poised and ready to see the South Pacific.  I mostly did the milk run the first time around so now I would see a few less visited spots...  It is only a little longer sail than the Hawaii trip... It is actually an easier sail. It is the choice the wilder and the ¨go for it¨  part of me leans towards...  Anyways, who knows.  I will decide in the next few weeks.


Sara said...

We think you should listen to your wild side. :-) We are leaving for the Marquesas next week and it sure would be neat to see the old Pelican there - and meet her Captain!

Anonymous said...

The next time is when you have an aluminum boat, after some high lat sailing.

Anonymous said...

Shit, when IS the next time you will have a boat poised and ready to see the South Pacific, man?

If you sell it in SF, will you hate every moment on land?

There's no reason you can't circumnavigate twice. Do it now while you're young. SF is much easier to get to anytime... S. Pacific Islands? Not so much.

SF will still be here when you're too old to sail. :)

(your old friend from DSL Networks)

Jason Duell said...

Good to see you back on water! Jason