Monday, May 28, 2012

Trapped in Raivavae

I am starting to understand why this island only gets ten boats a year.  Instead of doing laundry, taking hikes and relaxing after fifty four days at sea with only an 8 hour break at Pitcairn, I have been doing anchor watch for four days straight as winds generated by a tropical depression are accelerated down into the anchorage blasting the boat and throwing spray on everything.  I have not seen the sun in a week.   If you study the weather chart above, you can see that trade wind conditions do exist.  Most boats headed to the Societies from the Marquesas have a nice broad reach in 15 knots...

One of the benefits of visiting places that get fewer boats is that the expat community is starved for company and go out of their way to help you.  I will take advantage of the opportunity to upload a clip or two.

Nothing too interesting in this one.  Vid quality is poor because of the length.

Here is me gloating.

Turns out there were two other boats on the other side of the island.  One left so there is now only one other.  So far that is it for the year - just the three of us.  No one is showing up this week and that is for sure.


Sean said...

Awesome stuff! That is an amazing anchorage.

Anonymous said...

great vids. so how's the island of Raivavae itself? and how are the people? any hot chicks?

I just had my bachelor party up in Lake Tahoe. it was pretty nice, but it wasn't a tropical island.