Friday, June 1, 2012

Headed to the islands

Looks like I am out of here after this low passes.  SE winds forecast for Monday finally...

Rapa will just be a spot on the map.  It is ok.  It feels good to leave something out there that I missed.  You aim high because you must, knowing you cannot call all the shots.

This should be the last long haul passage.  I will skip a bunch of common stops.  I have already been to a bunch of them.  The reality of going for the tough untouched destinations that get only a few boats a year is that I am at a big disadvantage singlehandling.  No one to keep lookout for coral heads and how about places that flat out donot have an anchorage...  You have to have someone onboard trying to hold position while the other braves a landing.  You cannot leave the boat unattended.

I will look for crew in the islands and also maybe start advertising the boat.  I have been making this trip up as I go along.

Here is Raivavae upon arrival;

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Anonymous said...

hope you are ok
why don't i just buy pelican and leave her in alaska? hawaii:alaska.